Time to Climate-Risk-Proof the CPP Petition

Dear Finance Minister Morneau and provincial colleagues,

Whereas climate change is the greatest single threat facing Canada’s people, environment and economy;

And, whereas Canada committed to take action to avoid 1.5°C of warming;

And, whereas the Canada Pension Plan’s sustainability is critical to the future of every employed Canadian over 18, that is 19 million Canadians;

And, whereas the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s current climate change strategy of “engagement only” does not address climate risk as fundamental to its investment choices;

Therefore, we, the undersigned call upon those responsible for ensuring the sustainable long term profitability of the CPP, the Finance Ministers of Canada and the Provinces, to instruct the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board:

  • To report immediately to its 19 million members on the carbon footprint and exposure to climate solutions of our CPP investment portfolio;
  • To operate at the level of global leaders by signing the Montreal Carbon Pledge, joining the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition and commencing mandatory climate stress tests to inform regulators on the extent to which current investments are misaligned with Canada’s commitment to avoid 1.5°C future;
  • To develop and report a “Formal View on the Energy Transition Away From Fossil to Clean Energy” including how this should influence allocating resources to different kinds of energy assets; and
  • To replace climate polluting investments with those in green energy, technologies and infrastructure that support Canada’s commitment to act to avoid 1.5°C of warming.

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